Manzano Angus Ranches

Bill and Lisa Gardner
502 CR B107
Estancia, NM, 87016
Cell: 505.705.2856
Cell: 505.705.2855
Home: 505.384.5424

Cole and Megan Gardner
Yeso Ranch
Cell: 575.512.6237

Our focus at Manzano Angus is breeding low-input cattle that excel in our demanding environment. Through extensive AI, we strive to produce moderate framed, easy fleshing, low birth weight cattle that are structurally sound and have excellent udder quality, while maintaining efficient growth and superior carcass merit.

We believe in minimal supplementation, demanding our cows perform primarily on forage. Also, we maintain strict culling practices to enhance fertility. Open cows are culled no matter their pedigree.

By demanding efficient cows that fit our arid environment we strive to breed “profit oriented” Angus cattle that better suit commercial cattlemen.

Our cowherd has a strong EXT base and we have used many sons and grandsons of D H D Traveler 6807. In recent years, we have used OCC genetics extensively including bulls such as Emblazon, Homer, Echelon and Legend.

We hold an annual bull sale the fourth Tuesday in March.

For more information please visit our website at

“Producing Practical Angus Cattle for the Southwest”