L-X Angus Ranch

5500 W Pine Lodge Rd.
Roswell, NM 88201

Pat Carver
Cell: 505.626.2362
Home: 505.622.5355

Nancy Mahony

We have been breeding registered Angus for only two years. The first heifers were acquired from Lee Carver of Thoreau, NM. They are all by a PVA Right Time bull and were bred to Laflins Edge from Kansas. None had trouble calving and all developed well in the size and milk department.

Recently we purchased Stockmans Pride from Ed Johnson of Monument, NM. We are now looking forward to his calves this spring. He is Mr. Gorgeous.

The goal of the L-X is to raise cattle of fairly low birth weight and high milk production. The calves this year averaged 650 lbs. at weaning.

This was a good year and there was plenty of grass. I feel these cows will do as well during a poor year, with limited supplements.

Come by any time. I love to show my cattle.